Why use a rowing machine?

Gets results
Whatever your motivation is to be fit and active, the exercise of rowing provides a time effective workout that delivers stunning results. One of the highest calorie burning exercises, you don’t need as much time rowing compared to other exercises to see a real difference.

Comprehensive workout
Rowing is an immersive cardio workout that utilises all of your major muscle groups, activates the heart and lungs and stimulates the mind. Builds on the strengths and improves on the weaknesses. Multiple workout types and intensities to suit everyone from the serious competitive athlete to someone who rows for fun.

Age, physical condition or lack of experience are no barrier to enjoying the benefits of rowing. Anyone can row and because of its intuitive nature, is easy to learn and reach an accomplished level very quickly.

The rowing machine brings this amazing exercise into your lifestyle. You can exercise in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own level of challenge.

Better training alternative
The rowing machine can be a one stop fitness solution or be used to compliment and enhance other physical activities and interests. It provides a better alternative to high wear and tear activities such as running while still providing that level of physicality, if not more.

More than just an exercise
Rowing will give you more stamina, resilience and mental strength to apply into other areas of your life. It will increase your energy and passion, reduce stress, improve self esteem and confidence which in turn benefits you socially, at work and in relationships with others.

Performance metrics
The rowing machine provides measured performance metrics which allow you to make your training goal orientated, track your progress and notice your improvements.

Rehabilitation and recovery
Rowing is the perfect way back from injury or a health crisis. You will be able to exercise in a safe, low impact, careful way even if experiencing a limited range of movement. Your tempo and intensity can easily be controlled and monitored while you build yourself back up again.

Bad weather option
Too hot, too cold, too dark, wind, rain and snow are all good reasons to have an indoor exercise option at the ready. Training is then on your terms.

General mobility
Use it or lose it! It is important to remain active and independently mobile throughout your whole life. Even if it be 10 or 20mins of activity per day the rowing machine can play a simple role in keeping the body working as it is meant to.