Why the Oartec DX?

The Oartec DX is now the best indoor rowing experience available.

The DX generates a smooth and fluid dynamic rowing movement that is more enjoyable to use, feels more like rowing on the water, and significantly reduces the load on the lower back and joints.

Performance engineered to the highest standards, the DX incorporates the latest rowing machine technology, while being ultra reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain.

The DX is also ideal for any training environment – whether that be at home, in the gym or in the boathouse.

The best fitness workout just got even better.

Benefits of the Oartec DX

Better for the body

There is a big difference in the way the dynamic rowing machine and the stationary rowing machine replicate the biomechanics of the rowing stroke.

The stationary rowing machine forces the body to absorb much higher loads than naturally occurs in a rowing boat. While it looks like rowing, it’s not a realistic simulation, is not the way real rowing is meant to feel and can be doing more harm than good!

Better rowing movement

The DX dynamic movement is a true replication of the biodynamics of rowing on the water, giving it a superior rowing feel compared to all other rowing machines.

The DX has a smooth and fluid rowing action with an instantaneous connection at the beginning of the drive. Gone is the slip and jerky take up of load common to other rowing machines. This engages a better utilization of the leg muscles and a better balanced load application across the whole body.

With a free floating seat and moving flywheel assembly it feels like you are gliding through the water when you are rowing with a continuous and rhythmic movement throughout the whole stroke cycle.

Low impact workout

Rowing on the DX is the ultimate low impact, full body workout. It works the whole body – legs, arms, back and core muscles.It’s a great exercise for getting fit, losing weight, strengthening and toning the body.

The sophisticated workout monitor measures and compares your progress, giving targets to compete against and motivation to improve each time.

It is also a time effective fitness exercise, with huge benefits realised in a short period of time.

Even for those who enjoy the physicality of other training disciplines such as running, rowing on the DX is the perfect low impact workout alternative. Rowing on the DX preserves the body, and especially the knees and hips, from excessive wear and tear common in other sports.

Rowing cross training also complements all other athletic pursuits such as strengthening the legs for cycling, providing high intensity workout for Crossfit type applications, and building general endurance for increased stamina.

Easy to Use

There is a common misconception that dynamic rowing machines are specialised pieces of equipment, suitable for on water rowers only.

You don’t have to be a rower to use the DX. In fact, anyone can use the DX and quickly discover the benefits of indoor rowing – even if you have never used a rowing machine before.

The DX simplifies the rowing movement, and at the same time encourages better rowing technique and coordination helping you to transition from being a beginner to an accomplished rower in no time.

Quality engineering and build

The Oartec DX is performance engineered to produce the best rowing experience possible.

All materials and components used are custom designed and manufactured without compromise and made to last.

The Oartec DX features:

–  A strong robust frame and componentry that requires minimal maintenance

– A 5 year, fully transferrable frame warranty

– Heavy duty roller wheels for smooth and even movement

–  A self centering seat, comfortable even on long rows

– Stable, straight tracking of moving unit

– The best of modern rowing machine technology

– Adjustable air resistance, allowing you to control the intensity of your workout