Simulator Maintenance

The following maintenance procedures should be regularly conducted to keep the Rowing Simulator in optimal working condition.


Keep the frame, seat rail and flywheel housing clean and free of dust, sweat and other materials.
Wipe any sweat off the seat rail and frame after daily use using a soft cloth so as to not scratch or damage the finish.


Periodically clean and re grease (not oil) the oar pivot pin and outrigger holes.

Drive Strap

Regularly check the condition of the drive straps and replace immediately if there is significant sign of wear of the loop attachment to the oar or if the strap is cut or worn along it’s length at any point.

Use of the simulator with a worn or weakened drive strap is likely to result in failure of the drive strap and may cause injury to the user. Contact the nearest office or service agent to purchase replacement drive straps.

Similarly check the return straps and replace if worn or damaged.

Drive/Return System

Periodically examine the drive system beneath the faring for any wear on the toothed rubber drive belts or on the drive and return straps winding onto the drive spool. This check can be performed with a visual examination through the opening between the faring and the arm when the drive arms are folded into the stored position. Replace if worn or damaged.

Flywheel Housing

Periodically open the flywheel housing and clean the flywheel and housing mesh of dust using a vacuum cleaner bristle head or soft cloth.

Workout Monitor

Check battey compartment for any signs of battery leakage or corrosion on the terminals. Clean gently with a soft cloth and light spray of WD40 or silicon spray.

If you require further assistance or to order parts contact Oartec for more help.