Dynamic Rowing Machine


DX Overview

The Oartec DX is performance engineered to produce the best rowing experience possible.

All materials and components used are custom designed and manufactured without compromise and made to last.

The unique and innovative dynamic system of the DX moves smoothly along a rigid dual rail frame, providing a wide base support and solid stable platform to eliminate any wobble while harnessing the full strength of the rower.

The rower’s seat floats freely on a self centering curved track which balances the momentum between rower and dynamic moving unit during the stroke. This also allows the seat track to be much shorter and the overall footprint of the DX much less than other dynamic alternatives in the marketplace.

The air resistance system in combination with sophisticated training monitor algorithms provides calibrated and comparable scores from machine to machine, regardless of the resistance settings, virtually making each machine identical.

Ideal for any training environment, the DX is a level above your standard rowing machine for rowing feel, build quality and performance.


Oartec Training Monitor (OTM2)

The Oartec DX has a new generation workout monitor with upgraded features and functions.

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The OTM2 has a menu based navigation to easily set up either custom, preset or saved workouts. It is compatible with ANT + heart rate chest belts and has a number of different display and unit options.  All workouts are saved into the monitor memory for detailed viewing.

The OTM2 uses 2 x alkaline D cell batteries with an approximate 250 hours of usage. For a detailed overview click here.