Adjustable resistance

The DX uses air resistance and is designed to minimize noise while providing a wide range of resistance settings.

The resistance is controlled by the moving the intake lever on the flywheel housing. 

The resistance can also be set using the Drag Factor function on the OTM monitor.

Dual base rail

The DX uses an innovative dual base rail frame that creates a guided rolling surface and gives greater stability and tracking of the moving unit. The roller wheels locate to the rails eliminating any sideways play.

This allows the rower to harness full power while also being in control and balance on the recovery.

DX seat rail

Self centering seat

The DX has a curved seat rail and is free to move in any direction underneath the rower. The seat always returns to the centre and remains within the limits of the travel. 

This also allows the seat track to be much shorter and the overall footprint of the DX much less than other dynamic alternatives in the marketplace.

Heavy duty rollers

The key to the smoothness and stability of the DX are the heavy duty rollers. Using double rollers on top and bottom these engage with the dual rail beam to ensure straight tracking and an even balanced moving unit.

Oartec DX heavy duty rollers
DX adjustable front leg

Adjustable front leg

The DX has an adjustable front leg to compensate for uneven floor surfaces.

OTM 2 Training Monitor

  • Starts automatically once rowing straight into Just Row mode
  • Select from custom or preset time, distance or interval workouts.
  • Compatible with ANT + heart rate chest belts.
  • Displays units in Time/500m, Watts and Calories.
  • Stores workouts in memory, with reviewable data and rerow.
  • Uses 2 x D cell batteries with 250+ hours of use.
  • Calibrated scores and comparable from machine to machine,
  • Software updates easily uploaded from USB stick.

For more detail click  OTM-2 Overview



The DX has wheels mounted on the front leg for easy moving around and standing upright to minimise space when not being used.

There is a simple latch mechanism that secures the moving unit safely before moving the machine.




Overall length in use: 8′ 8″/2.60m
Length stored: 7′ 8″/2.30m
Height: 36″/90cm
Width: 26″/65cm
Overall Weight: 77lbs/35kgs
Dynamic Moving Mass: 42lbs/19kg

DX row dynamic