Dynamic Rowing Machine

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Exceptional Build Quality and Design

The Oartec DX is performance engineered to produce the best rowing experience possible.

All materials and components used are custom designed, manufactured without compromise and made to last.

Ideal for any training environment, the DX is a level above your standard rowing machine.

DX FEAtures

OTM-2 Training Monitor

  • Starts automatically once rowing straight into Just Row mode
  • Select from custom or preset time, distance or interval workouts.
  • Compatible with ANT + heart rate chest belts.
  • Displays units in Time/500m, Watts and Calories.
  • Stores workouts in memory, with reviewable data and rerow.
  • Uses 2 x D cell batteries with 250+ hours of use.
  • Calibrated scores and comparable from machine to machine,
  • Software updates easily uploaded from USB stick.

Unique and Innovative Dual Base Rail Design

The DX uses an innovative dual base rail frame that creates a smooth rolling surface and gives greater stability of the moving unit. The roller wheels locate to the rails eliminating any sideways play.

Adjustable Air Resistance

Minimizes noise and provides superior rowing feel with multiple resistance settings

Self Centering Seat

The DX has a curved seat rail so that the seat always remains within the limits of the travel.

It is important for the right feel of the dynamic movement that it is naturally free to move in any direction underneath the rower.

Nickel Plated Chain

Heavy duty nickel plated chain to protect from wear and corrosion.

Height adjustable front leg

The DX has a height adjustable front leg to compensate for uneven floor surfaces.