About Us

In 2017, Oartec celebrates the 10th anniversary of manufacturing our own rowing machine designs with the release of the latest and most sophisticated model to date, the dynamic Oartec DX.

Starting in 2007 with the launch of the Oartec Rowing Simulator, Oartec has specialised in designing rowing machines with the purpose to provide a rowing experience like no other. The Simulator is unique in the fact that it has oars and outriggers and brings both techniques of sculling and sweep rowing onto an indoor rowing machine.

Originally designed as a versatile technique training and coaching tool, the Simulator can be found in prestigious rowing programs such as Harvard, the Australian Institute of Sport and GB Rowing as well as many rowing schools and clubs around the world. What we didn’t anticipate was the number of Simulators sold to individuals for home fitness training, who prefer the ability to be able to row with the same sculling or sweep technique as in a boat, which makes training on the Simulator a far more engaging experience than your traditional rowing ergometer.

In 2009, Oartec saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the rowing machine marketplace by developing a new dynamic rowing machine named the Oartec Slider. The Slider design simplified and improved on the limited dynamic options that were available at the time and helped ignite a renewed focus by the other major rowing machine manufacturers to produce new and contrary dynamic designs, but together endorsing and promoting the many benefits of the dynamic rowing machine over the conventional stationary rowing machine. The resurgence of the dynamic was in full swing.

In late 2009, Oartec entered into a manufacturing partnership with Waterrower to manufacture the Oartec Slider at their Rhode Island facility in the USA. By early 2010, the Oartec Slider was delivered to many schools, colleges, rowing clubs and homes worldwide, with the dynamic movement of the Slider being preferred to the alternative dynamic models released around the same time. Over the following years with sales into the thousands, the Slider has boosted the awareness of dynamic indoor rowing and converted many a stationary rowing machine user to a significantly better way to row indoors.

In late 2014, Oartec sought to improve on the original Slider design and started to develop the makings of the new Oartec DX. We focussed on a more streamlined rolling and tracking system, reducing the size of the overall footprint, plus new electronics and most importantly making this new model more mainstream in it’s ease of use and ability to be a better commercial fit for gyms, hotels and the individual home user. Changes at the same time to the manufacturing partnership and association with Waterrower, released Waterrower to manufacture the Slider design under their own brand name, the Sliderdynamic and Oartec to go in a new direction with the development of the DX model.

Due for release in June 2017, the DX is set to revitalize the dynamic rowing machine market again, offering a user friendly, robust dynamic design with modernized electronics and componentry, that aims to deliver the best indoor rowing experience available.

Thankyou to all of our Oartec customers over the last 10 years for thinking outside the square and adopting our rowing machines for your training requirements. We will continue to support you and manufacture innovative rowing solutions that will change the way you row indoors, forever!